Global  Student Exchange Inc. (GSE) is a professional international study  abroad organization with over 32 years experience.  GSE is dedicated to  providing its students with a competitive advantage and the capacity for  success in the highly globalized and changing world by offering  excellence in educational opportunities. 


Mission Statement


To provide a pathway to the best private high school placement for secondary students from across the globe.  To enable them to attain the knowledge, skills and abilities which will position them to enter and excel at the college or university of their choice.


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We are currently accepting  applications for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year which begins in  Aug/Sept 2020.  Now is time to apply to secure your placement.

School Locations


Our schools are  located in choice areas of the country. The Ivy League Northeast, the  warm south, the Western states and the Midwest give students a wide  range to choose from.


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